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Silicon Coating

This is the extra protection you’ve been looking for. Not only does silicon coating protect your roof more so from leaks, but it also helps your building stay cool.
Repairs are more affordable compared to traditional roofs and usually won’t cost you a dime due to the extended warranty it comes with. Ask us about it silicon coating today for a free quote.

Pricing Estimate

Gutter Cleaning

Remove large waste from the gutters.
Remove finer dirt and debree


per 2,500ft

Roof Replacement Shingles

Remove existing top layer of the roof
Inspect seconded layer of the roof
If all looks well, Install singles


per 2,500sqft

Roof Restoration 
Silicon Coating

Cover seams with primer 
Lay down cloth on top of seams
Prime the seams again
Continue coating the rest of the roof
Inspect for overall quality

Comes with a 15 year warrenty


per 1sqft

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